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What to Know Before Installing Fiberglass Replacement Windows

What to know about installing fiberglass replacement windows

If your windows are becoming old, drafty, and outdated, you may already be searching for a modern window material that will add lasting elegance and strength to your home. Chances are, during your search, you’ll come across fiberglass windows.

There is a reason fiberglass windows are so popular — they are durable, beautiful, and efficient. There isn’t more you could ask for from a window frame!

However, we already know what you’re thinking — just how durable, beautiful, and efficient are these windows? Well — to answer your question, let’s talk through what you need to know about fiberglass frames before installing them on your home!

General Questions (& Answers!) about Fiberglass Windows

What are fiberglass windows?

As you can imagine from the name, fiberglass windows are made from thin glass fibers bonded together with a resin. Fiberglass is stronger than wood and vinyl but is lightweight, making it a fabulous window frame material.

How does the cost of fiberglass windows compare to other window materials?

Fiberglass is almost always more expensive than vinyl, but it’s often about the same price, or even cheaper, than natural wood. However, that said, fiberglass is typically the most expensive synthetic window material because it is so durable and customizable.

Do fiberglass windows come with a warranty?

Marvin Authorized ContractorFiberglass windows typically come with a warranty, depending on the manufacturer and company that installs your windows. At Remodeling Concepts, we install fiberglass windows from Marvin Windows®, and as a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor, we can confidently offer you a long-lasting warranty on your window replacement.

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Valuable Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

These proven benefits make it easy to recommend long-lasting fiberglass windows — specifically those manufactured by Marvin Windows — to Bucks County, Pennsylvania homeowners.

Durable Material

Fiberglass is waterproof, so unlike wood, it won’t rot, warp, or corrode when exposed to rain, sleet, or snow. And, unlike vinyl, it won’t crack or buckle in extreme temperatures.

In fact, if you install windows from the Marvin Elevate or Marvin Essential collections, the frames are made from Ultrex®. This fiberglass material is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than wood-composite products. There is no doubt that these windows are some of the most durable, lasting ones on the market!

Effortless Upkeep

Fiberglass windows are easy to keep looking “good as new” — wash the frames with mild soap and water, and that’s it. No scraping, sanding, painting, or treatments are needed as you would need for other window materials.

Plus, fiberglass windows manufactured by Marvin Windows come with a beautiful fade-resistant acrylic finish. You will never have to touch up your fiberglass windows because they will stay just as vibrant and eye-catching as the day you bought them!

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass is an excellent insulator and can keep your home cool in the summer and cozy in the winter — drastically reducing your utility bills.

Fiberglass expands and contracts at nearly the same rate as glass, unlike many other window materials, like vinyl. You won’t have to worry about your frames cracking when the temperatures fluctuate, resulting in fewer drafts and water leaks, and a longer lifespan for your windows.

Stunning Appearance

Marvin Windows manufactures a wide range of beautiful window designs, from casement to double-hung, in stunning colors, including Ebony, Bronze, and Stone White, so you can find windows that are the perfect match for your home’s architecture and your personal style.

If you love the look of wood windows but don’t want to deal with the high-maintenance hassle, you can even select EverWood® — a wood-like finish that paints, stains, feels, and looks just like natural wood but offers the same durability and performance as fiberglass.

Enjoy Enduring Strength & Beauty with Marvin Fiberglass Windows from Remodeling Concepts

So, what do you think — are fiberglass windows the right match for your home? If you want to invest in long-lasting strength, effortless beauty, and low-maintenance upkeep, we think fiberglass windows are the way to go.

If you’re ready to install fiberglass windows on your home, we encourage you to learn more about Marvin Windows. If you decide that these durable, beautiful windows are perfect for your replacement, give our team at Remodeling Concepts a call.

We will treat you and your home with the utmost respect, and we will pay careful attention to every small detail. Ultimately, we would love to help you install brand-new fiberglass windows, so they can last on your home for the next 50 years! Contact us to get a quote.