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Pella Windows

Pella windows are a fantastic value for homeowners in the greater Bucks County, Montgomery County and surrounding counties area. Learn how Remodeling Concepts can install these fabulous windows on your home

Pella Windows Contractor

When it comes to windows, few manufactures match Pella windows in terms of quality and technological innovation. With a reputation for the best in windows and doors since 1925, we are proud to partner with one of the most established and successful window manufacturers out there.

Pella Windows Features

Unparalleled Quality

Pella earned its stance in quality thanks to the rigorous amount of testing they put into each element of their windows. From the glass to the wood, everything is subject to intensive trials and research, with new innovations being constantly developed to ensure a reliable, long-lasting product.


Sustainable Design

We recognize our responsibilities as stewards of our natural resources and environment, and will avoid wasteful or harmful disregard of the environmental effects of our operations.

– 1950, Pete Kuyper

Founder, Pella Corporation

Pella Window Contractor

Long before environmental conservation became a mainstream concern, Pella has prioritized sustainable business practices in its production. From responsible forest management to maximizing recycling possibilities, you can feel assured that with Pella you are getting a product that not only prioritizes your needs but the needs of the world around you as well.

Innovative to its Core

With over 150 patents under its belt, Pella is no stranger to innovation. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are the first to offer a window that comes with a corresponding app that keeps an eye on your home while you aren’t there.

Pella Insynctive Technology is an innovative approach to smart home integration that has the technology built right into the window from the outset, allowing you to reap the benefits of next-gen home maintenance while preserving the beauty of your home.

Monitor your windows and open/close your blinds, all while on the go. Never has home monitoring been this simple. Or discreet.

“Fabulous is an understatement of the beautiful work and attention to detail that was put into my home. The workers were prompt, professional, and super clean. 100% recommend!!”

– AnnMarie L.

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