Why you shouldn’t put off your roof’s needs

Why you shouldn’t put off your roof’s needs

If you care about the wellbeing of your home, don’t let the task of making sure your roof is taken care of before it drops down on your checklist. We understand you probably already have so many other expenses that get in the way but please keep these issues in mind. By neglecting these repairs, you’re endangering your family and your finances with this uncertainty.


Waiting will not solve anything! Broken shingles won’t repair themselves and will lead to more problems. A clear indicator that you have them is if your roof is leaking. This will likely spread to other spots of your home slowly deteriorating the roof. Keep in mind that If water can get in so can insects and vermin will get in the if


Possibly the scariest concern. Water leaks that seep into your home can cause bacteria, mold, or mildew. If the moisture eventually will get in your walls, then your family is basically surrounded. These issues can become severe and lead to allergic reactions and other long-term health concerns.


If you think the repairs seem expensive now then wait till your house’s foundation starts to suffer. When foundation begins to weaken walls, it can become the first casualty in the destruction of your home.

When your roof is failing, it’s almost always a guarantee that your ceilings are the next thing to go. Roof failure means you will need to remove and replace the entire roof. Pest control may need to visit as well if you have insects and animals that have entered your home.

Home insurance will usually only cover damage from storms and other disasters from mother nature. When just neglect your roof, your insurance company may see no reason for them to help you out financially.

Stay on top of your roof, by letting a professional check it out. For an inspection, repair or brand new roof we suggest reaching out to an expert from Remodeling Concepts at 215-343-5557


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