Why You Should Start Your Remodeling Project Today

Why You Should Start Your Remodeling Project Today

Make Your Money Work For You

We all know there are a lot of ways to spend your hard earned money. A lot of times, those opportunities to spend money are way too easy and don’t have any return. For instance, when was the last time you made money on an old pair of sneakers or an expensive suit or dress? We all know the sad statistics of car value once you’ve left the lot. Those investments are gone the moment they’re made.

Conversely, investments in your home do tend to have a return and a good one at that. According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report Philadelphia area, mid-range projects such as a Major Kitchen Remodel job estimated at $65,824 can recoup 61.7% upon resale. Minor kitchen remodel projects estimated at $22,451 can bring up to 73.2%. Surprisingly, even a midrange bathroom remodel estimated at $20,771 can bring a recoup of 60.5%.

So, why wait for something that will not only bring you loads of joy now, but will also pay off when you decide to resell?

According to Lendingtree.com, Spring is the best time to sell a home in the northeast as a result of weather and school terms. If you’re thinking that next Spring is the right time for you to sell now would be the time to get those remodeling projects underway! Give us a call at 1-215-343-5557 and we can help you at the very least to figure out what your options are and how much they might cost.

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