What is James Hardie Siding?

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James Hardie provides homeowners with a reliable siding solution. But, what is this siding material? James Hardie can be found on more than 8 million homes throughout North America but we often recognize that so many people haven’t even heard of it.

 What is James Hardie Made of?

This siding solution is made out of fiber cement. Fiber cement is basically the combination of premium cement, finely-ground sand, natural cellulose fibers, and more. All together it creates a highly durable siding solution that has the ability to protect, maintain and beautify the appearance of a home.

Video – How Fiber Cement Siding is Made

For more information about James Hardie and what makes it such a good siding solution please feel free to reach out. Our team can be contacted over the phone at 215.343.5557 or through our online contact form.