The Damages Caused by Snow on Your Roof: South Jersey Roofing

The Damages Caused by Snow on Your Roof: South Jersey Roofing

As experienced and knowledgeable South Jersey roofing installers, we understand how the winter weather can affect your roof and result in damage. That’s why we’ve provided information regarding what you should know about the impact of snow on your roof.

When snow builds up on your roof, you should remove it right away. Not clearing off snow on the top of your roof immediately can results in long-term damage to your roof due to snow build up and ice dams.

Keeping snow on your roof can, not only rip material off of your roof, but also affect other outside components. These include your shingles and gutters, in which snow may slide off your roof and into these components.

Having snow on your roof can also result in an ice dam, which can cause a blockage of water. The blockage of water may then back into the shingles and cause a leak in your home. Ice dams are created from the repeated mixture of the melting and freezing of snow between the day time when temperatures are warmer and during the night when temperatures are much lower. Also, a poorly ventilated home can cause the creation of ice dams.

You can help prevent snow build up and ice dams from forming on your roof a few different ways. You can install electrical heating cable along the top of your roof. You can also purchase a snow tool such as a snow rake and shovel the snow off your roof as well. If you’re interested in manually removing the snow, you can visit your local hardware store for the proper tools.

While you may think nothing of the falling snow and later formed ice this winter, keep this information offered by experienced South Jersey roofing installers regarding the weather and your roof in mind. After all, a roof is the key component to protecting your home.

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