Stucco Remediation







Stucco has become a growing concern within the housing community because of the issues that are popping up with it. Homeowners are finding that stucco is causing more problems than it’s actually preventing, and that is not good!

At Remodeling Concepts, we help remediate stucco from homeowners houses and replace it with a more reliable siding solution such as fiber cement or vinyl.

Common Problems with Stucco

Mold: Moisture and water can be the main issue with stucco and it’s often the main catalyst to mold growth. Stucco is particularly susceptible to to rising damp, where moisture travels up a permeable membrane.  Since stucco is semi-permeable, ground water and moisture is a big issue.

Cracking: Another issue that stems from water damage is cracking. Stucco is very vulnerable to absorbing moisture, and if it absorbs too much, this can cause it too crack and decay away from the home.  The worst part about this is that if your stucco is covering another material, like wood, or even brick, the moisture trapped by the stucco can damage that as well.  While you may have installed the stucco to help protect your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing, the stucco may end up doing more damage to your home in the long run.

Staining: Contaminants such as algae can often drip down from your gutters, roof and windows onto your stucco. Over time these can do some serious damage and can deteriorate your stucco’s exterior. Additionally, the moisture that gets trapped inside your stucco could be causing spots of mold.  While you can paint over the stucco to cover these stains, it defeats the purpose of the stucco in the first place, which is having a maintenance free siding material.

Water Retention: The majority of the issues that stucco faces are related to the fact that stucco doesn’t handle moisture well.  When moisture gets under certain siding materials, like brick and wood, it doesn’t cause a lot of problems because it simply evaporates away.  However, stucco retains moisture at a much higher rate, which is what causes stucco to decay.  Rising damp in particular poses a big threat to stucco siding as it ends up permeating the stucco and the water wrecks havoc from the inside.

There are so many issues that arise with Stucco that once you begin having trouble with it, remediating the stucco is the best and sometimes the only course of action that you can take.

Stucco Remediation Options:

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