Spring Is Here!

Spring Is Here!

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Many people have the urge to "spring clean" when the weather starts getting a little nicer. And when that time rolls around, spring inspires and motivates people to not only organize and clean out the home, but also to improve the home in order to increase the enjoyment that it brings.

While winter keeps us inside the house more, spring tends to have the perfect weather for outdoor fun. So this is the perfect time to remind every homeowner in the Northeast U.S. to inspect their home's exterior for damage from time to time.

While this past winter was not as cold or snowy as many may have thought it would be, it was still cold enough to keep many people inside their homes. The outside of your home may have suffered due to fluctuations in temperature, wind and moisture. If you are a proactive person, you have probably prepared for those issues well before winter ever came around. Well, now is the time to think about spring.

Moisture from rain, pollen from flowers and trees, and stagnant water around your home can cause a multitude of problems in the warmer spring months. If left unchecked, those problems can grow and fester in the summer.

We have compiled a checklist to help you get your home ready for the warmer weather, and you can download it here.

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