Spring into Action With These Household Tips

Spring into Action With These Household Tips

Man inspecting outside of house for Spring.

There are some important checks you can do to make this and each year’s transition to Spring a more pleasant one. For one thing simply checking your gutters and downspouts can help tremendously. And while you’re doing that take a look at the shingles and chimney. Then a quick look around for any cracks in walkways, patio and foundation. The winter weather and changes in temperature can cause cracks that will inevitably allow water into your home. Windows can also be a source for water entry and temperature loss. Usually a good caulking will remedy that. Don’t forget outdoor lighting fixtures and air conditioning units. And finally, very important checks of carbon monoxide detectors and chimney flues should be done. Both are well known causes of irreparable damage to your home and family. I find that creating a yearly schedule of home checks is the best way to be sure that everything’s in good working order. I listed them for you below.

Easy Spring Checklist

1. Gutters and Downspouts

2. Shingles and Chimney

3. Cracks in walkway, Patio and Foundation

4. Windows

5. Outdoor Lighting and Air Conditioning Units

6. Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

7. Chimney Flues


David Martin
Owner, Remodeling Concepts

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