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6 Reasons You Might Be Dealing with Buckling Siding

Buckling siding that is causing damage to a clients home that needs to be replaced.

It never feels good to know something is wrong with your house, and it is natural to want to do everything in your power to keep your home looking beautiful at all times. However, some types of exterior deterioration are entirely out of your control — like buckling siding boards — but they are critical to repair quickly to guard your home against further damage. 

Below, we will explain some of the most frequent reasons for buckled siding and what you should do next if your home is suffering from this common problem.

Common Reasons for Buckled Siding Boards

1. Moisture Damage

If your home lacks adequate waterproofing, it is possible that wind-driven rain, hailstones, or heavy snow can find its way behind your siding boards, causing them to give in and crack.  

2. Building Movement

If you live in an older, historic home, your home may settle over time, creating small shifts in the building’s foundation and structure. These movements (though small and seemingly harmless) can lead to loose panels, large cracks, or buckled siding boards.

3. Weather Conditions

As a Pennsylvania homeowner, you are lucky to enjoy the benefits of all four seasons. However, these seasonal changes aren’t quite as beneficial for your siding. Extreme temperature changes can cause your siding to expand and contract, leading to cracking, warping, and caved-in boards.

4. Pest Damage

If you notice buckled siding, it is important to rule out pests as the culprit. Some critters, like termites, ants, bees, and beetles, may burrow into your siding and cause the boards to collapse. Other pests, like woodpeckers, may drill holes into the panels, which can also cause damage.

Before repairing your exterior, contact a pest control company to remove the pests, so you can rest assured the same problem will not happen with your new siding.

5. Faulty Installation

Did you know that if you install your siding boards the wrong way, they will be more prone to cracking and giving way in the future? Panels installed without a house wrap or nailed too tightly to your home’s exterior are more prone to damage. 

If a reputable contractor installed your siding, you shouldn’t have to worry about faulty installation. However, if you bought your home with your current siding, there is a possibility the previous homeowners did not invest in high-quality craftsmanship — leading to buckled boards.

6. Old Age

If your siding is at least a decade old, it will inevitably begin to warp, buckle, and crack as it ages. While installing a high-quality siding product from a reputable contractor can undoubtedly extend the lifespan of your exterior — nothing can last forever.

Replace Buckled Siding and Protect Your Home with New Siding from Remodeling Concepts 

Whether your siding is buckling from moisture, pests, or old age, it is essential to replace the damaged boards as soon as possible to protect the structure of your home underneath. 

Remodeling Concepts would love to help you replace your buckled siding boards with beautiful, durable, new siding. We install both vinyl and fiber cement siding so that you can find the perfect material for your style and budget. 

Learn more about our siding services, and when you are ready, please do not hesitate to reach out for a free, no-pressure quote!

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