Reasons James Hardie Siding Is Different

Reasons James Hardie Siding Is Different

James Hardie fiber cement siding has been around for a while but so many homeowners are unfamiliar with it. They know cedar siding and vinyl siding but aren’t experts when it comes to fiber cement siding. James Hardie, the leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding makes an amazing product that transforms homes in ways that other siding materials can’t. But what makes it so special? How is it different? Here are some of the ways that make James Hardie siding so different!

1. Maintenance: James Hardie can very closely resemble that popular look of cedar siding. The look so many people love is great but the annoying part of cedar siding is the maintenance that comes along with it. James Hardie is so durable that you don’t have to worry about all that annoying maintenance.

2. ColorPlus Technology: James Hardie doesn’t lose its color like other siding materials because of this amazing baked on bond. James Hardie applies multiple coats to every surface and edge of siding and trim to create an even stronger bond. Vinyl siding fades in the sun and that can ruin the look of your house.

3. Warranties: James Hardie siding products all come with a 30-year non-prorated warranty and trim comes with a 15 -year non-prorated warranty. You’ll know you’re protected when working with James Hardie.

4. Authentic Design: James Hardie has an endless combination of widths, colors, and styles. Your house will look exactly the way you want it to with James Hardie siding.

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