Our New, Favorite Roofing Toy

Our New, Favorite Roofing Toy


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The Equipter RB4000 (formerly known as the roofing buggy) has finally arrived at Remodeling Concepts! We are so excited to be able to use this machine for our numerous roofing projects. It helps us to be able to cut down on man hours, to bring materials up and refuse down from roofing projects much quicker than the standard ladder method and to protect the homeowner’s property because of the use of less nails which can wreak havoc on tires and pet-paws!

This machine allows us to increase efficiency by allowing us to move larger amounts of roofing materials to the roof without having to make 4 times as many trips. As you can imagine this in itself also decreases work hours for us and time that the homeowner has to wait for their project to be finished.

Cleanup is greatly reduced when using the Equipter since refuse and debris can be removed quickly and easily directly from the roof whereas the traditional methods require two or even three movements of debris from the roof to a tarp to the dumpster.

See it in action Equipter RB4000

Eqiuipter clean up.jpg


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