Marvin Window Installation

Marvin Window Replacements Done Right

Looking for the right windows for your home can be a frustrating experience. When it comes to replacing your windows, you want to make sure the product is durable, dependable, and energy efficient. That’s why we recommend Marvin Windows, which offers superior window options to choose from.

Why choose Marvin Windows?

Quality is never compromised when it comes to Marvin Windows. Marvin Windows is the front-runner for innovation as the options are vast when it comes to energy efficiency. Marvin Windows has been a pioneer in the industry and a well-known name when it comes to having the best windows. Marvin Windows superior level of construction means you can trust that your windows will not only have a long lifespan, they will perform at a exceptional level, providing clients with a high level of energy efficiency. 

Ultrex Fiberglass

Furthermore, Marvin windows can be constructed with Ultrex Pultreded Fiberglass, a building material that is far stronger and more durable than your usual Vinyl or Fibrex.  In fact, one square inch of Ultrex has been rated to hold up to 34,000 pounds! Not only is Ultrex stronger than its competitors, its also more flexible, meaning Ultrex is nearly indestructible compared to typical window trim materials. 

The benefits of Ultrex don’t stop there.  Ultrex is also far more energy efficient that its competitors.  Marvin’s Integrity series, made with Ultrex, can cut down on heating bills by over 30% and in hotter climates, can cut down on cooling bills by nearly 40%.

In addition to its energy efficiency and durability, Ultrex also offers a lower maintenance finish than the competitors.  Ultrex has a finish that is over 3 times thicker than the competitions paint, which cuts down on paint chipping, cracking, and peeling.  Marvin is even willing to offer it in darker finishes that they wouldn’t offer in Vinyl due to the finishes superior heat absorption capability.

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