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Is Fiber Cement Siding Better than Stucco?

Fiber cement siding installed on a home.

If you are considering giving your house exterior a makeover, updating your siding will be a staple in the process. Choosing the right siding material for your space is no small feat. It’s about finding the balance between aesthetic appeal and durability in the elements for your specific climate. Stucco and fiber cement are two top contenders for your siding material. As you make your choice, it is important to be aware of how they compare to the diverse Pennsylvania weather. Read on to discover the perfect fit for your home. 

The Climate Consideration 


Stucco provides homes with a gorgeous artistic flair, mainly popular in the Southwestern region. Stucco thrives in warmer climates, but when it comes to powerful weather conditions, stucco is not a favorable choice. Stucco material absorbs moisture, so it is prone to water damage. Pennsylvania’s vast climate with rain and snow can present quite a challenge for stucco. When it is exposed to heavy precipitation or humidity, it can also cause the siding to crack. While it’s impossible to prevent damage entirely, ensuring proper stucco siding installation is crucial for reducing the likelihood of it. 

Fiber Cement

As a homeowner living in the Pennsylvania climate, you are familiar with our region’s extreme weather changes and unpredictable storms, a significant factor that can affect the siding on your house. Fiber cement is a durable option for a siding replacement because it is formulated to withstand an unpredictable forecast. This is especially important in a region where temperatures drastically fluctuate and humidity levels constantly change. The fiber cement mixture produces a siding that will not only match the exterior of your home but was made to protect it against Mother Nature.

Maintenance Management


It is important to note that although stucco is low maintenance, it is not maintenance-free. Stucco material in the Pennsylvania climate will require regular monitoring for water damage and cracks. This will help in preventing further wear and tear. If issues are not discovered early on, they can cause significant problems. Frequent inspections and proper installation are vital for homes in the Pennsylvania climate to minimize the risk of the adverse effects of any harsh weather. 

Fiber Cement

Because fiber cement is created for durability and increased longevity, it also means that it is going to require less maintenance in the future. This means more money saved for you! Not only does it shield your home against the elements, but it also combats termites, wood rot, and fire hazards. The primary maintenance required is the occasional paint job or cleaning. It is a preferable option for homeowners who want a relatively hassle-free siding material.  

Energy Efficiency 


Stucco often provides good insulation due to the thickness of the material. In extreme heat or extreme cold, it helps cut the costs for heat and air by naturally insulating the house. However, it is more of a hassle than efficient for regions that experience harsh weather because it was not built to endure excess moisture.

Fiber Cement

While fiber cement was not explicitly designed for insulation benefits, it offers some. Its longevity and resistance to the elements make it a dependable option for a pleasant home environment both on the interior and exterior. 

The Right Fit for Your Home

Navigating your options for your new siding might seem overwhelming initially, but it comes down to understanding what the material will do for the benefit of your living space. The most important thing is to consider how durability will be impacted based on your climate because the right material can make all the difference in bringing your vision for your home to life. Leaning toward the fiber cement option? Remodeling Concepts has proudly partnered with the James Hardie Contractor Alliance, installing the best James Hardie fiber cement siding

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