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Our team at Remodeling Concepts delivers beautiful results with James Hardie! There are nearly 8 million homes that are protected by James Hardie in North America for a reason!

Perfect for any climate, James Hardie’s Fiber Cement siding looks wonderful on any home! If you are looking for siding that can stand up to the elements, there are few better options than fiber cement.  It is resistant to moisture and rot, cracking and warping, fire, pests like insects and woodpeckers,  as well as drought, high winds, and more! If you are looking for a siding material that can stand up to the elements, James Hardie’s Fiber Cement will certainly get the job done!

Even beyond its extreme durability, fiber cement siding looks great! It can be molded to look like nearly any material, from vinyl siding, to wooden boards, to shingles, meaning no matter what your aesthetic tastes, Fiber Cement can be molded to your liking.  Furthermore, it also comes in a variety of colors, meaning you are guaranteed to find a siding option that you love! Take a look at the gallery we’ve put together to help you visualize what James Hardie’s beautiful siding could look like on your home today!