It’s Never Too Late to Insulate!

It’s Never Too Late to Insulate!


Choosing your insulation isn’t exactly fun but it is imperative for your comfort and your bottom line. In the summer, cool air is exactly what heat is drawn to therefore the outside heat is perpetually trying to find its way in. Also keep in mind that settled insulation that was installed a long time ago can allow cool air to go out around gaps. Over time, your insulation may have absorbed moisture, settled and even compressed which depletes it’s R value and overall effectiveness.

You have many options when it comes to insulation and the best one we’ve found is E-shield insulation. Updating your attic insulation with E-shield can add the protection you may already think you have. The beauty of E-shield is that instead of absorbing the heat and holding it, E-shield reflects it which keeps your home’s temperature independent from that of the outside.

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