Interior Design is All About you.

Interior Design is All About you.

Interior Design is a very individual process. Do you want more or less useable space? Where will this or that be more convenient? What should the overall feeling be? Well, aside from the unique aspects of interior design there is a bit of science involved as well, but for the most part it has to do with your lifestyle and the best solutions for your needs.

For instance, a beautiful bowl in your foyer could just be an art piece , but when you use it for your keys when you come in the door it becomes functional. If you’ve ever looked around on Pinterest (@Remodelingc0114) I’m sure you’ve seen some of the clever solutions. For example, just the other day I saw that someone used a painting on a canvas to cover a thermostat by attaching two hinges on the side of it and then to the wall. So, when they need to change the temperature, the canvas opens like a door! When Remodeling Concepts designs your kitchen, bathroom or basement we are thinking of how you will use that space. The best information we can get from you would be the simple things. Are you right or left handed? Would you rather your door open to the left or right? How large does the sink need to be? And so on and so forth. 

Your consultant’s primary goal is not to design with their taste but with yours. 


 The most important responsibility of an in-home consultant is to interpret your wishes. 

When you’re deciding who to call to remodel any space in your home keep Remodeling Concepts in mind. You can be sure that we will design your home the way you want it and not the other way around! 


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