Insulated Siding is The Way To Go

Insulated Siding is The Way To Go

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Whether you have vinyl, fiber cement or engineered wood siding, did you know that you can add an insulation product to the existing walls of your home when you replace your siding? By installed insulated siding, you will enjoy benefits like greater temperature consistency, reduced energy costs, and a boost in the overall aesthetics of your home.

Thermal Bridging, also known as a cold bridge or a heat bridge, is an area of the home which has a significantly higher heat transfer compared to the surrounding materials, resulting in an overall reduction in thermal insulation of the structure. It's estimated that a quarter of all homes in the United States are built with non-insulated studs that leave areas of the home susceptible to thermal bridging. As you can imagine, the energy costs that afflict these homeowners year after year are much higher than they need to be. This problem can be remedied by including insulation when the time comes to replace the home's siding. While the cost of insulated siding will be slightly higher than siding alone, the savings and benefits that can be enjoyed for years to come greatly outweigh the initial cost.

We use PFT Progressive Foam Siding Insulation for our insulated siding projects. We have found that clients enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above, along with moisture management and and an increase in the durability of their siding. Invest in your home and reduce your energy bills by installing insulated siding the next time you replace your home's siding!

Heres a great video to help you understand how it works! Insulated Vinyl Siding

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