How Do I Properly Clean And Maintain my Windows?

How Do I Properly Clean And Maintain my Windows?

Spring is the perfect time to clean your windows. Most homeowners often overlook or ignore cleaning their windows because of the effort, but cleaning them will make your entire house look better, and it will make sure that you get plenty of sunlight into your home. Here are some tips for cleaning the exteriors of the windows on your home:

Use The Right Tools

Cleaning exterior windows is a lot different than cleaning interior windows. While most people use a rag or newspaper to clean interior windows, that isn’t going to clean effectively on exterior windows. Exterior windows can have a lot of buildup from dirt, dust, debris, pollen, and other contaminants. The best thing to use to clean exterior windows is a professional grade squeegee. Get several different sizes because you will need different sizes for different sizes and styles of windows.

Use Cold Water

Washing exterior windows with hot water is a bad idea. The hot water will evaporate quickly which can leave detergent streaks on the window. Instead, you should use cold water and a commercial grade window cleaning detergent.

Use Detergent

The blue window cleaner you can get at the big box store or the grocery store isn’t going to be powerful enough to clean exterior windows. If you haven’t cleaned your exterior windows in a year, or even longer, you will need a pretty heavy-duty cleaner to get all the grime and gunk off of your exterior windows. Look for a professional grade window cleaning detergent or hire a professional to clean the windows. Professional window cleaners have access to the best commercial quality detergents and equipment to get the job done quickly.

Don’t Forget The Window Frame

In addition to cleaning the actual glass, you will need to clean the window frame and the area around the window. You may need a different cleaner that is painted safe to get the dirt off the window frame without damaging the paint around the window.

Safety First

If you have a house that is higher than one story cleaning windows can be very dangerous. Residential ladders are often not sturdy enough or tall enough to reach second story windows or skylights. Thousands of homeowners every year end up in the hospital because they tried to clean exterior windows without the right equipment.

Keep safety in mind at all times when cleaning exterior windows.



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