How House Wrap Can Reduce Your Energy Use to Save Money

How House Wrap Can Reduce Your Energy Use to Save Money

When it comes to creating energy efficiency in a home, whether building or renovating, house wrap plays a key role as a breathable air, water and moisture barrier. It provides continuous exterior insulation, but it is an important feature that is left out of many newer homes. It is cost-effective and can save you money on cooling and heating. Let’s look at how house wrap can reduce your energy use and save money.

What is House Wrap?

House wrap is a synthetic protective sheathing that is placed over top of the studs and insulation before a siding or other cladding is affixed to the home’s exterior, where it primarily works to resist moisture and release water vapor. It is installed in sheet layers, with the higher layers overlapping the lower layers to create the barrier.

House Wrap Reduce Energy Use and Save on Cost

One of the advantages of using house wrap is its energy reduction benefit. According to a study conducted in 2000, that assessed the energy savings associated with the use of house wrap to reduce air leakage, it was revealed that if house wrap is installed correctly, it can significantly reduce air leakage in residential construction and provide energy savings as a result. It is possible to find house wraps included in the provisions of residential energy codes and standards in some states.

House wrap protects the home from moisture, which helps its insulation to work better. Moisture causes fiberglass or cellulose insulation to lose its insulating quality, and house wrap acts as a seal to prevent excess air infiltration or leakage in between gaps where exterior walls sit on foundations and wooden subfloors. It further aids in keeping the heat and humidity out in the summer and warm air in during the winter season, which is beneficial to keeping your heating and cooling bills down. Your home’s insulation system is enhanced with house wraps, which works to maximize energy efficiency.

Today, energy costs are rising, and house wraps provide energy-saving, economic benefits. Remodeling Concepts can provide you with top notch professionals, who can get the job done right the first time. You will have peace of mind that your home is properly insulated and will save on your energy bills.

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