How Do You Know It’s Time To Remodel?

How Do You Know It’s Time To Remodel?

It all starts with a thought. What if I had a larger window in front of the kitchen sink? What if that wall was gone? What if my bathroom was bigger? And they never go away! The same question rears it’s ugly head every time you’re in that part of your house! Usually, the cost is the number one concern. But, will it add to your resale value? And remember, you don’t have to ever WANT to sell in order to benefit from your home’s added value. What if you should ever want to borrow on the equity in your home for some reason?

There’s no good reason not to renovate. Your home is an investment and it needs to be maintained. The good news is that most home improvements (at least in the northeast US) have a pretty good return on investment upon resale. The average is around 60% – not too shabby.

But apart from just wanting to remodel there are instances when there’s just no other option. Roofing for example. If your roof needs repairing, chances are that you will need to do something right away. This type of home improvement can actually be prevented by doing annual or even seasonal checks of your home. Cracks and leaks can get worse if not taken care of right away so, they’re not repairs you want to hold off on. Something like a kitchen renovation or addition can be planned in advance and increase the value of your home immensely.

What it all boils down to is when is the best time to make home improvements? Now! Don’t wait to maintain your home and keep it ready for either resale or future equity reclamation situations.

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