Gracefully Aging With Your Home

Gracefully Aging With Your Home

old-people-616718_640.jpg“When we age we shed many skins: ego, arrogance, dominance, self-opinionated, unreliable, pessimism, rudeness, selfishness, uncaring … Wow, it’s good to be old!” – Stephen Richards

Aging is an inevitable process, for both ourselves and for our homes. Prior to making the transition into old age, you may want to begin thinking about how to prepare your home to support you as you grow older.

As you transition to old age, it may not be as easy to get around your home, up and down your stairs, or even into the bathtub.

We encourage you to have a remodeling expert review your home and identify any aspects of your home’s design that can pose problems as you age. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of home renovations and repairs to consider:


  • AdobeStock_52120885.jpegBasic Maintenance: Homes that reach the age of 50 or more years old and have not been remodeled or updated can easily develop serious problems. Taking time to regularly maintain your home can prevent major issues. For example, we recommend inspecting your roof and gutters for damage every year or so.

  • Handicap Accessibility: If you think that you may need wider doors and wider walkways in the future, you may want to start renovations now. Incorporating ramps into your home can also increase the accessibility of your home both for yourself and your guests. It can be a lot harder to wait until you actually need the renovations to start making the changes.

  • Elevators: Stairs can be more difficult to navigate in our later years. Consider installing an elevator in your home to make getting around the different floors in your home more convenient.

  • bathtub-890561_640.jpgWalk-in Tub Systems: As people age, once simple tasks like bathing can become more tricky. With a walk-in tub system, you can make entering and exiting your bathtub a safer process.


If you or your loved one lives in a home that is ill-equipped for your needs, it’s never too late to start remodeling your home to improve your quality of life. For those of you who are still preparing for the transition to old age, remember that it’s never too early to start remodeling your home to accommodate your needs as you age.

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