Garage Floor Case Study

Garage Floor Case Study

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Our team at Remodeling Concepts is currently working on a project that involves remodeling a garage floor. We started by stripping off the surface of the concrete garage floor so that we can apply an epoxy, which is a paint or adhesive resin, in order to create a clean and glossy look for the floor.

In his own words, the client wants the final product to look “as pristine as an operating room.”

Our Project Manager Jim described the entire process of remodeling a garage floor, and it was pretty complex. From preparing the floor to be stripped and applying the epoxy, to sealing the finished product and cleaning everything up, the process requires a lot of knowledge about the chemicals and materials that are being used.

You may be tempted to do a DIY remodel of your garage floor in order to save some money. But unless you have the experience and training to properly remodel your garage floor, a DIY project may end up costing you more in the long run:


The truth is, DIY might save you some money but will cost you more than enough in frustration and materials to make it worth hiring someone.

  • Photo Oct 25, 9 06 21 AM.jpgMaterials: When you purchase the materials you need for the DIY project, you will likely have to pay retail prices. Since professional remodeling companies work on multiple projects throughout the year, they can often purchase materials in bulk, as well as buy B2B directly from the manufacturer, greatly reducing the cost of the materials.


  • Time: It’s like the old saying goes: time is money. Save yourself the frustration of having the remodel the garage door yourself and hire a professional team who will be able to finish the project at a faster pace.

Quality of Workmanship: In order to achieve a polished final product, you have to apply the epoxy product with extreme precision. In addition, the temperature of the garage being remodeled must be kept at a precise temperature for at least seven days to ensure proper curing. For example, for the current project we are working on, we must keep the garage at a constant temperature of at least 55 degrees. If any of these processes are implemented incorrectly, the cost of fixing the mistakes may exceed the cost of hiring a professional contractor from the start!

Save yourself the hassle and frustration of DIY-ing and find a reputable remodeling company to help you achieve the dream remodel that you’re looking for!

Also, if you were curious as to how our final garage floor remodel turned out, check out this photo of the finished product!

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