From Design to Build: The Remodeling Concepts Process

From Design to Build: The Remodeling Concepts Process


At Remodeling Concepts, we've honed our remodeling process down to a science. Here's what you can expect from a standard project:

Standard Design Process

1. In-home consultation – At this preliminary stage, we will work with you to evaluate the entire scope of the project and begin our measurements, establish a budget, and schedule a follow-up meeting.

2. Office / Showroom meeting – Here's where we will review and refine your project based on scheduling and materials. We will usually review the budget and finalize the agreement and deposit. We will also take any additional measurements for any changes to the project's scope.

3. Design / Estimate – At this stage we will review the construction plan with you and schedule a site visit with the trade contractors. We will then give you an exact estimate and an overview of the proposed timeline.

Standard Build Process

1. Pre-construction – This phase of the build process consists of applying for permits, consultant/production transfer and an on-site homeowner meeting where we will confirm order selections.

2. Project Production – During production, we will have weekly job site meetings. These meetings will include cleanliness control, resolutions and updates for you.

3. Final Days of Construction – During one of the final stages of the build process, we will go through the final punch list, conduct a walk-through, and sign off on the notice of completion document with the lead carpenter on the project.

4. Warranty and Follow up – After the final product is constructed, we will provide you with homeowner warranty information, a customer satisfaction survey, completed project photos, and additional follow-up as needed.

While the outline above is our standard process, please keep in mind that every project is different so your particular project may have a slightly different process. At Remodeling Concepts, we will always work with you to customize your project and communicate the process that will be used at the beginning of the job.

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