Case Study: Siding Replacement – Langhorne PA


A common slogan for siding replacement projects goes like this, “New house, same address”. It sounds funny, but it’s true- and this recent siding project performed in Langhorne, Pennsylvania is no exception to the phrase. Our team thoroughly enjoyed helping this family transform the exterior of their home so much that we felt obliged to share the journey here.

The construction of this development, of which this home is located, took place in the late 90’s. This makes the original siding that was on the home only 23 years old. Arguably, the lifespan of this exterior was shorter than most when compared to other homes that have builder-grade vinyl siding. And much to the homeowner’s surprise, problem areas were starting to become apparent. Loose panels flapping in the wind, water entering behind the siding and consequently damaging the sheathing, and a continuous fade starting to engulf the neutral color. Needless to say, it was time for replacement and this was a great opportunity for our customer to positively change the look of their home. As a result, Remodeling Concepts took the call to make it happen.

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During the project consultation, it became evident that the ability to visualize what the home could look like was a high priority -as it is with most siding projects- and we felt the same way. Glancing at small sample or color swatches in the sunlight, or next to the existing siding, simply does not always offer much inspiration, or do as much justice than that of an actual 3d rendering. We took photos of the home and submitted them through the Hover App, which not only provides accurate measurements for the exterior, but a 3d model that can be modified and designed using different style or material types.


From a design standpoint, our customer wanted to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. In doing so, bold colors, larger profiles, and various textures were a requirement. Now don’t get us wrong, when it comes to the exterior of the home, looking good is half the battle. So not only was the design scheme key, but the durability of the product was equally important.

At the end of the consultation, our customer was set to have the Alside, Prodigy insulated-siding installed, as well as Board & Batten vertical siding, as well as stone veneer for the front entry way. The colors and styles chosen were ageless slate for the Prodigy in double 6”, Glacier White for the Board & Batten in single 7”, and a medium gray, stacked stone. Additionally, Remodeling Concepts would replace the existing porch columns, shutters, soffit, fascia, gutters and downspouts. Now that the choices were finalized, we were ready to get to work.



Every siding project typically begins with site-prep and tear-off. For this specific home, the square footage of siding was close to 4000. Our crew erected the pump-jacks and got to work.

Before the work even started, our customer had mentioned several problem areas which had suffered from water damage. During the tear-off of the original siding, these areas were identified and corrected. The sheathing was replaced for the compromised sections with plywood, and then wrapped with the Kingspan 3d RainDrop house-wrap. In one area, the rot had infiltrated the sheathing so much, we had to replace some of the studs as well. While house wraps are common, and do a good job of protecting the home from moisture, some are better than others, particularly with insulated siding. Remodeling Concepts recommends the Kingspan RainDrop 3d because not only for its ability to prevent water from entering behind the siding, but the design of the wrap allows a space between the insulation and the surface so that water can drain properly. Typically, with insulated siding, the panels press against the surface of the wall in a way that makes it difficult for water to drain and escape. The RainDrop house wrap has a texture that creates a tiny space between the insulation so that water can be channeled out freely with the help of gravity. In addition to the siding that was to be removed, all of the fascia capping, soffits and gutters were to be torn off as well so that they could be replaced for the project.

Once the house was wrapped, it was time to start installing the starter strip and siding. The product installed for this project was the Prodigy insulated siding, from Alside. This particular siding was not only chosen for its rich color, but for the thick insulation fixed to the reverse side of the panel which helps keep noise and temperature fluctuations out of the home. This rigid insulation helps to increase the energy efficiency and comfort for our customer’s home by acting as a thermal break for the exterior. Because the Board and Batten is not insulated on the reverse side, and our customer wanted to remain consistent for energy efficiency, we installed 1/2” insulation board for this section.

From an install standpoint, our crews love the Prodigy siding because the panels can rest on top of each other, allowing for easy hanging and fastening, and shortening time length of installation.

Siding Installation


With any project, one never truly knows what obstacles are present until the older materials are removed. But while there was a lot to address, our customer was thrilled with the final outcome. The rest of the neighborhood, on the other hand, were not available for comment.

Siding Installation Complete