Did You Know Skylights Can Save You Money?

Did You Know Skylights Can Save You Money?

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Solar skylights are practical for many reasons. First of all, studies show that more light comes in from skylights than vertical windows because of the angle of the windows to the sun. By increasing the number of skylights in your home, you can minimize the need for more vertical windows, along with the amount of energy loss overall.

In addition, as a result of the "Stack effect" or the combination of vertical and skylight window cross venting, air movement and ventilation flows much quicker in a home with skylights compared to one without.

Keep in mind that modern skylights such as those from Velux require very little maintenance and can actually improve heating and cooling throughout the year.

Also, if you have older skylights in your home and you're about to have your roof reinstalled, it might be a good idea to replace the outdated skylights with new, solar powered skylights from Velux instead. The U.S. government has just approved a three year extension on Solar Tax credits as well, so you can get 30% back in the form of a tax credit on the materials and labor of the project! So, at the very least, we recommend that you research your options!

Skylights can be installed on both flat or pitched roofs. Solar skylights can come with amazing accessories, including 100 hours of solar power backup, so even if the sun doesn't shine for a week, your skylights will still work. Also, they have rain sensors so if you leave your home and forget to close them, they will automatically close!

By installing skylights, you can reduce your energy bills and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're decreasing your carbon footprint!

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