Deck Building Mistakes Commonly Made by Homeowners

Common Deck Mistakes Homeowners Make

Deck Building Mistakes Commonly Made by Homeowners

A house with a deck… seems like a great thing to have. What homeowner doesn’t love an outdoor space where they can sit alone or with a company, enjoy meals, sip beverages and watch their children play? But if you are thinking about building a deck yourself, you may need to consider planning this carefully as often, the deck is constructed unproperly or incomplete. Here are some of the common mistakes while building a deck you should know about:

Improper Planning: When homeowners set out to build a deck, many of them don’t plan ahead. Building a deck takes a lot of planning. This includes knowing what supplies and materials to use, making sure your deck will be up to code and creating design specs.

Improper Materials: Using the wrong materials can be disastrous when building a deck. There are a number of materials you can use when building, but cheaper materials can produce mold, making for a high cost and a lot of maintenance in the future.

Improper Footers: The footer is what holds your deck, and if the foundation of the deck is not stable, the deck will not last. Footers also need to be dug deeper to hold. Homeowners should find out what footers are required by code and which types will work best for their application, property grade, and soil type.

Improperly Installed Ledger Boards: When installing your ledger boards, it is important to use the correct hardware. Galvanized lag screws are recommended. Homeowners that skimp on the ledger boards can look forward to the possibility of the deck separating from the house in the future.

If you are a homeowner, please research carefully to make sure you are doing all you can to install your deck correctly. However, it’s easy to make a mistake that can end up costing you a lot of time and money. To keep this from happening, call on the help of a trained professional like Remodeling Concepts. With knowledgeable workers, great prices and excellent service, they will be sure to install a great looking deck that stands the test of time.

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