D.I.Y. Oh Why?

D.I.Y. Oh Why?

I can’t even count all of the times we’ve been hired to come into a home and fix underwhelming and in many cases, unsafe Do It Yourself project. The goal of a D.I.Y. project is usually to save money yet when you factor in the time and materials for the original job and then the money paid to fix it, the homeowner is more times than not better off having it done the right way by a professional contractor. 


There are simple D.I.Y. jobs that are fine to attempt yourself. In fact, home improvement how-to videos are ubiquitous on the internet these days. You can really do these smaller jobs on your own, but beware. Fixing a garbage disposal under your sink and building an addition are two very different thing projects. 

Here’s an example of a D.I.Y. project gone wrong:

Demo (1).jpg

Here you’ll notice the framing extends past the doorway. We had to demolish it and redo everything the right way. Not only was it not up to code but it was extremely unsafe as there was no header used for support of the structure. 

This is the doorway after the fix. Wnek after door.jpg


Knowing the difference between a simple and a complex home improvement job is the key factor in deciding if it’s worth trying yourself. Saving a bit of green isn’t worth your safety or the safety of your family. Call a professional first. 


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