Cutting Edge Basement Design

Cutting Edge Basement Design


While we at Remodeling Concepts appreciate the old traditions of home improvement and most importantly, personal service, we are also advanced in some ways. Did you know that we can completely design and print out an estimate for your basement remodel within a three hour visit! We use software that can show you , In 3-d, what your basement will look and what materials are needed to install it!

I know it sounds really advanced or in other words “hard” but that’s not the case. We are able to go over every aspect of the design process with you and YOU choose the items! We’ve got everything we need including pictures of finished basements, short videos of how it works and before and after shots that show how imaginative homeowners can be. And everything else we need to show you what you can do!

Whether your canvas is a completely unfinished, dark basement or even just an older version of what you actually want, we can easily design it right in front of you using a laptop. Apart from that the product itself is made with the most technologically advanced non-organic materials that will completely alleviate the worry of water damage. Don’t wait! For your own sake, call us and make an appointment today. It couldn’t hurt to at least SEE what you want and what it will realistically cost.

Simply make an appointment: we come out, measure and build out what you want on a laptop. We show you your design with a full estimate! The best part of all of this is that the products we’re using come with a 55 year guarantee! Need I say more?





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