Choosing The Right Windows for Your Home

Different Window Styles

Choosing The Right Windows for Your Home

Which Windows Are Right for Your Home?

When it comes time to replace your windows, the options can be overwhelming.  Not only do you need to decide which manufacturer you want to work with, but there are also a seemingly endless amount of design options.  This guide will help you decide which kind of window you should use in each room in your home.

Double-Hung Windows

One of the classic window design styles, double-hung (as well as single-hung) windows open and close vertically.  A double-hung window has two moving panes while a single only has one.  This style of window offers ease of use and and a tried-and-true design

Casement Windows

Casement windows are another standard window options.  Like double-hung windows they also offer ease of use, but while double-hung windows open vertically, casement windows have a crank that opens them outwards.  This makes them the safer option if they are in a room with a lot of children, as casements can’t be pulled down onto oneself.

Picture Windows

If your goal is to let in the maximum amount of light without any ventilation, picture windows are the option for you.  Often it is best to utilize picture windows in conjunction with another kind of window due to the fact that you cannot open a picture window.  However, if you know you will not need to ventilate a room, then picture windows can be an energy efficient way to let in a lot of natural light.

Slider Windows

While double-hung and casement windows are both easy to use, no windows are easier to use than sliders. Sliders are windows that open horizontally, which requires almost force on the users part.  While slider windows are very easy to use, they are not the safest option if you know there will be children using the room frequently.  Sliders are the easiest to fall out of because of the large opening they create.  However, if you don’t have children to worry about, nothing is easier to use than a slider window!

Bay Windows

Finally, the last of the most popular window styles are bay windows.  Bay windows are more of a focal piece than one of function.  Bay windows often have a stationary window in the middle which is flanked by two double-hung or casement windows.  Since they protrude out from the house, they usually provide you with a bit more interior space.  It can be easy to turn a bay window into a reading nook or lounge area.  Mostly used in bedrooms and living rooms, bay windows will be an eye-catching feature in any room you install them in.

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