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How House Wrap Can Reduce Your Energy Use to Save Money

When it comes to creating energy efficiency in a home, whether building or renovating, house wrap plays a key role as a breathable air, water and moisture barrier. It provides continuous exterior insulation, but it is an important feature that is left out of many newer homes. It is cost-effective and can save you money […]

Reasons James Hardie Siding Is Different

James Hardie fiber cement siding has been around for a while but so many homeowners are unfamiliar with it. They know cedar siding and vinyl siding but aren’t experts when it comes to fiber cement siding. James Hardie, the leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding makes an amazing product that transforms homes in ways that […]

Signs you need new siding

Top Warning Signs That It’s Time For New Siding

All assets within your home eventually need to be upgraded. From your kitchen to your roof and siding, everything has a lifespan. The one part of your home that can increase your curb appeal the most is updating your siding. So, to make sure that your siding doesn’t surpass its lifespan, in result making your […]

Common Siding Installation Mistakes Inexperienced Contractors Make

Siding can be a great addition to a house making it look attractive and providing a dramatic change to your home’s appearance. If you are considering adding siding to update the look of your home, there are a number of pros and cons that should be considered. Read on to find out about factors to […]

Benefits of New Siding

Siding is one of the main foundations of your home, making it especially important to maintain and replace your siding when the time comes. Most experts recommend replacing your siding every 15 years, making it a long-term investment that can pay off over time. If you’re considering installing new siding, consider these several benefits. One […]

3 Reasons You Should Invest in New Siding

Walk around your home and look at the siding. Are you happy with it? Is it protecting your home? If you have any problem saying yes to these questions then you need consider new siding. It certainly is a big investment but these three points below are why it’s worth it! Curb Appeal: The classic […]