Aging Your Home Gracefully

Aging Your Home Gracefully

Our homes age the same way we do. If you want your home to be ready for you when you’re older and need wider doors and other accommodations, now is the time to start renovating. It’s a lot harder to wait until you actually need the renovations to start making changes to your home.

Here are the top three ways to begin to age your home gracefully

1. Have an expert come and review the entire home for anything that could be wrong. 

2. Create logistical and financial plans for the items to be fixed. 

3. Carry out each project systematically to ensure it’s there when you need it the most. 

Houses that reach the age of 50-75 years old and have not been remodeled or updated can require a lot of work. This isn’t however the case when normal maintenance is regularly performed. Some of the items that we regularly see are————–. Apart from those items here are a few that we regularly upgrade to ready homes for elderly family members when they arrive to the family home or when homeowners themselves are preparing for their needs as they age. 

1. Walk-in tub systems

2. Elevators

3. Ramps

4. Widening doorways

5. Roof Replacement


There are many upgrades that can be made to help transition into old age. There are hundreds more that we couldn’t mention in this blog post, but feel free to share any ideas you have with us in the comments. 


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