Add value to your home before it sells!

Add value to your home before it sells!

If you’ve ever watched one or more of those house flipping shows you know how much a little remodeling can increase the sale price of your home. Many times, the reason that someone decides to invest in a home is because they have successfully imagined their life in the space enjoying all of the ecoutrements the property has to offer. The facts are that curb appeal, interior appeal, yard appeal are the determining factors of whether or not your property will sell. The T.V. shows manage to wrap everything up in a half hour but we all know that the magic of T.V. is different from real life. We have averaged out the best time to start certain projects based on our own experience. Of course, time, work, finances and many other important factors will be integral in your own individual process but we can generally say that it is possible. These averages are based on a 


New Roof:


New bathroom-

Finsihed basement:

Moderate living room remodel:


As one can imagine it’s not easy to make general statements with somehting as dependant


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