5 Ways To Prepare For Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Ways To Prepare For Your Kitchen Remodel



When your contractor is about to start a kitchen remodel, there are a few things you’ll want to figure out before they begin. Depending on the time allotted for your remodel you’ll want to make sure your needs are covered and that your belongings are protected. Taking care of these few items an make your experience much better. 

1. Speak to your contractor about getting an exact timeline of dates and times the renovation will occur. Even a rough idea will be helpful. Decide what you’ll do for any meals that are normally prepared or take place in your kitchen.

2. Remove any window treatments, accessories, artwork or wall hangings from the walls to avoid breakage or damage during the remodel. Also remove any items in drawers or cabinets such as silverware or plastic containers and store in either boxes or plastic containers that are labeled. This will help after the remodel to get back into the kitchen.

3. Prepare for any meals you will be having from home during your renovation. You may also want to get a small fridge and microwave for another room in the house. Disposable silverware and paper plates can be helpful as well, unless you have another area to do dishes.

4. Cover any furniture in the kitchen area or even pieces adjacent areas to prevent damage. Many contractors have a process in place for wood dust, etc. but it is always best to be prepared.

5. Determine if your contractors will be using a portable restroom or your restroom and if so, remove any personal items. You may also want to cover the floor with plastic depending on the time of year and the weather outside.

Being sure you’re ready for your kitchen remodel is just as important as the preparedness of your remodeling company. Both parties will make your remodeling experience as smooth and worry free as possible.  



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