2017: The Year To Remodel

2017: The Year To Remodel


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Are you one of those people who have multiple home improvement projects you’d like to complete in this year? If you start the planning now, you can split the major projects into a timeline that you can complete well before the next holiday season.

The timeline is dependent on the degree of the upgrades you’re making, as well as your budget and time. Some projects like those small tile repairs and painting can be done in your own time and for almost no investment. But larger projects like roof repairs, replacement windows or additions and remodels should be planned out so that the seasonal timing, financial means and feasibility are fully optimized.

If you’re wondering what time of year is best for doing exterior repairs, the obvious answer is Spring and Summer. But nowadays, in the northeastern US, the weather is more moderate during the colder months! Besides the few months from January to April when we tend to have our biggest snowstorms, there are really no other blackout dates anymore. And in fact, having that three month Winter period in the beginning of the year gives you plenty of time to plan and save!

Begin by listing the projects you would like to do, such as the roof, bathroom, and kitchen. Then, organize the timeline for these projects with the seasonal constraints in mind. With this list, I would recommend starting with the kitchen, so while the last two projects are being done, you’re kitchen won’t be a dead zone. With these three projects, you might have a timeline where the kitchen remodeling starts in March through May. During this time, the kitchen will be out of commission, but the weather will be nice so you can enjoy a backyard picnic with the family!

For the roofing project, June and July might be the best time since the weather will most likely cooperate throughout the process.

This leaves the final project, the basement, for the end of Summer and beginning of Fall. By the holidays, everything is done and you’ll be ready to host those holiday parties and family gatherings in your newly remodeled home.

No matter what projects you may want to tackle this year, we highly recommend getting a plan together now so that you’ll be able to get closer to achieving your dream home next year!

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